Cardi B’s Concert Drama: Fan Throws Drink, Rapper Throws Mic! Watch the Wild Video as Things Get Heated!

In a recent video that’s now gone viral, Cardi B showed she’s not one to be messed with during her electrifying performance at a concert. The “I Like It” singer was setting the stage on fire with her act when a shocking incident occurred – a fan threw their drink at her. Without hesitation, Cardi B retaliated by flinging her microphone back at the unruly concertgoer.

In the video, Cardi B can be seen visibly upset, yelling at the fan, while her team swiftly removed the attendee from the crowd and tried to calm the situation. The rapper’s own account retweeted the video after the incident.

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The internet quickly rallied behind Cardi B’s reaction. Comments flooded in, with many applauding her for taking a stand. One user stated, “She deserved it, she shouldn’t have done that,” while another fan added, “She did what needed to be done! People need to stop throwing stuff at performers!” Others praised her for standing up against disrespectful behavior towards artists, noting that concerts have become increasingly plagued by such incidents.

Indeed, Cardi B is not the first artist to face objects being thrown at them during performances. Recently, singer Harry Styles suffered an eye injury in Vienna after an object was thrown at him on stage. Other artists like Drake, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Ava Max have also faced similar situations.

The incident serves as a reminder for concertgoers to respect the artists’ space and performance, and for performers, it shows that they won’t hesitate to defend themselves when faced with such disruptive behavior.



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